I could understand having trouble with archives if I actually had anything worth archiving. I am wavering between gritting my teeth and figuring this whole thing out, or just giving up and doing it manually. The manual option is working for me at the moment. Technology is not my friend.

Template Ahoy

Not bad for two nights work … the template is up, close to how I want it. Of course, silly things like links don’t work … but who needs links? Nobody, that’s who.

Now people, let’s begin …

Oooh secret section! It’s like a bonus level, only with less power-ups. I never liked that Mario anyway.

New today – a recent visitor on a 36 degree night. Although the photo doesn’t show it, this thing was massive, at least 8cm long. You’ll just have to take my word for it, as I didn’t want to get any part of me close to it for comparison purposes.

It was the Brown Dog who discovered the Giant Cicada – he was circling it in the courtyard, unsure of what to do. Also, its buzz sounded like a helicopter was somewhere close by. Very odd.