Animal Planet

Be warned, you may need to shield your eyes from the unbearable cuteness. No permanent damage should occur, but you may feel a mild pleased sensation whilst viewing. This should not last long; and, in fact, if you don’t like animals, may not occur at all. Consider this your official warning.

3 comments to Animal Planet

  • Karl

    Hmm, that depends on whether you see it as the cat being in the dog’s mouth, or with the dog merely resting his head on him ! Where’d you get the cat? It looks EXACTLY like mine. Come to think of it, where’s my cat? …

  • aw, dat’s sooo cuuuute!
    i’m not, ordinarily, cutesywutsey person, but these animals win points for colour coordination… and i keep thinking that that big animal has that little animal in its mouth.

  • I have to say, I never saw the possibility of the cat actually being INSIDE the Brown Dog’s mouth. (Although he often is, in the manner of those little birds that walk around in crocodiles’ mouths.) I assure you that the cat is presently in one piece and yowling pitifully because no one will let him out the front door. (The back door is open, he’s just demanding.) And yes, our colour co-ordination is quite good with these two. It was completely unintentional, and I’m considering dying one of them so I can tell them apart.

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