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So I am lying on the couch typing this. Well actually, if I am completely honest, I heaved myself up into a sitting position to type. Watching others perform strenuous athletic endeavours at the Olympics makes me tired. But! I digress (surprising, I know). I am able to do this due to my new eBay toy: my little 10″ laptop. I love this laptop. Have I mentioned I love this laptop? Mr. T has hooked up the wireless router and now I am mobile. Of course, I choose not to actually BE mobile: I collapse gratefully in front of the heater or snuggled on the couch. And how much better is this than sitting at the PC in the freezing cold end of the house? It is far, far preferable. And the laptop made it all possible. All hail the laptop! I salute you!

When I got bored with surfing the web tonight, I watched Cold Mountain. It was boring. And depressing. God, how depressing. And just when I thought I couldn’t take any more violence, I watched the deleted scenes and Natalie Portman’s baby died and she shot herself. Way to round it off in an upbeat manner, people. Although I did like Renee Zellweger in it. Which is interesting, considering I very much disliked her in Chicago, due entirely to her skeletal frame. My eyes were drawn magnetically to her scarily prominent ribs, which made it difficult to concentrate on the actual movie. Best looking person in that movie? Queen Latifah, hands down.

Tomorrow? The impressionist paintings exhibition at the NGV. Why? Mr. T is away tonight & Saturday. (Note to stalkers: he’s not really away, he’s hiding behind the front door ready to fuck your shit up.) (Note to non-stalkers: Yeah, so I get to do cultured things that usually bore him witless, and since he’s not here I won’t have to put up with him bleating, “It’s sucking my will to live!” and threatening to collapse on the floor from boredom. I’m looking forward to it.)

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  • dogpossum

    hey man, you’re describing my sunday night: laptop in front of the telly, cold mountan dvd. in fact, two of us nerds in front of the telly with our laptops. both of us doing dumb website stuff. me on the teeny laptop. Him on the man-size laptop.
    cold mountain: i read the book, but couldn’t remember it… it was directed by the guy who directed ‘the english patient’, so really, it wasn’t so surprising an ending… it was ok, though. The Squeeze did whine that it seemed interminable…
    the impressionists really took my breath away. you see them in books, you know the theory, etc etc, but in real life? they just glow. so beautiful!

  • oil paintings in the flesh.. paint..? flesh… always rock my casbah. i guess thats why they cost about a gozillion dollars and i guess thats why the guards tasered me when i coughed in the general direction of a degas.
    nice blog, by the way. definitely the snappiest i’ve seen all day. I tried to do a hundred things about me list once, but i only got up to five. i’m very dull.

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