Strange and Surprising Happenings this Week

– I have been to the gym two days this week. Two days – – in a row. And not merely to scope out guys pick up class information – oh no. I am proud to inform you that I am a treadmill-running fool. Well maybe not so much with the running; more with the walking, then lurching ungracefully into the jogging. Although I keep getting my hand tangled up in my headphone wires and jerking my head briskly to one side. Combine this with the lurching and I am the embodiment of Zombie on a String.

– The dogs are running the fenceline (not unusual) and provoking the golden retriever next door (also not unusual). What IS unusual: they are not barking back. Nor are they leaping around in excitement, nor racing flat along the fenceline with their ears back like greyhounds after the lure. They are just running the fenceline, scoping out the garden, and ignoring the reaction of the other dogs. There may be hope for them yet. Although they are still stomping on the plants.

– Melbourne has turned on some strange weather lately, with which the populace has not coped well. Picture a six-lane road, at 5.30pm in rush hour, which is slick with rain and pointing due west, therefore glowing fiercely with sun glare. You have Wellington Road. Add some misty rain: you have a sun shower, where the air itself is shot with light and at any minute Jesus could descent in a burst of glory to begin the Rapture. Now add Melbourne drivers. You have … three separate nose-to-tails in a 1500m stretch of road. This is unusual, even for Melbourne. By the third one, cars weren’t even slowing down to take a look. “Hmmm, a Civic with the front completely caved in. Next.”

3 comments to Strange and Surprising Happenings this Week

  • Oh wow… don’t you have those magical weather-proof rain goggles with wiperblades down there in VIC yet? They allow you to see everything that’s on the raod in the shimmery wet setting sunshiny road… well, except for other cars, speed cameras, road markings… but at least you can see if it’s raining or not… D’OH!
    I like your blog. I’ve added it to my blog, if that’s OK with you. Thanks.
    Cyalayta Mallard :o)

  • Aha! Another kiwi in Melbourne. How comforting and swell.
    I have just found your blog and am v much enjoying it.
    Ka kete

  • go the gym, man. endorphine highs await.
    also aerobics, but you can ignore that bit. dumb, dumb.
    dancing, that’s what you need – crazy, uninhibited 1930s afro-american vernacular dance style dancing… no, really. i’m not just saying that to justify my own obsessions. really.

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