Things I Have Learned This Week

1. If you are fiddling with your new laptop and setting the system cache; and you accidentally add an extra zero; your laptop will fill up entirely with cache, leaving you no room to download p0rnography Firefox extensions.

2. If you want to see The Village, even though you fear it is going to be crap, do not click on a link clearly marked VILLAGE – SPOILERS and inadvertently see the twist of the ending on the first line of the post. Although if you manage to do this, you may then soothe yourself with the sure knowledge that paying money to see a twist of that craptitude would have been even more unfortunate.

3. When you are looking over emailed files with Marketing-type people and you say, “wait, I’ll just embiggen the window,” they will not think of The Simpsons. They will think you are mad.

4. Dogs don’t like snowpeas.

5. If Mr. T is quiet throughout the DVD of Amelie, he is not entranced by the quirky details or the French atmosphere. He is asleep.

4 comments to Things I Have Learned This Week

  • nobody-at-all

    Dogs are like Tigger. They *think* that they like everything. Mine is 10 and he still thinks he likes dried apricots. Except he doesn’t.
    Re #5: Silly Mr T. Sleep through crappy movies like The Village, not good ones like Amelie.

  • p7

    re: 4
    I’d have to disagree there, as my mum’s Cocker Spaniel (which I swear has bumped me from my inheritance now, evil beast) eats snow peas with great crunchings and munchings (despite my beatings and breakings on his poor, tender head)
    He also eats cabbage.
    In general, I would allow that dogs _eat whatever they damn well please, and don’t you forget it because it could be you, bucko_.
    there’s probably a conspiracy.

  • In one reincarnation I slept through my entire life. I can’t remember the time period, who I was or even what gender, but the dreams were good.
    Also, my cats refuse any form of meat or fish. The feast only on biscuits and, after they leapt screaming of my cupboard this morning when I was attempting to groggily dress for work, apparently also the taste of fear/distress/wetting yourself.

  • Karl

    ‘Embiggen’? It’s a perfectly cromulent word. They should know this.

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