uranus rising

Scorned Girl at Work [and I’m being charitable with the Girl bit]: Rant rant rant. All men are bastards. Piss, moan. Good for nothings. Whine, sob. [I may be paraphrasing here.]

Sympathetic [or Maybe Just Bored] Girl at Work: Oh, no. How is the breakup going?

Scorned Girl : Badly, all because of that him, the piece of shit. He’s a Sagittarius, that’s the reason. I hate Sagittarians. As soon as I found out, I knew we were doomed.

Sympathetic Girl: Oh, I hate Cancers. I don’t get along with Cancers at all.

Jac: [snickering to herself, obviously] A Cancer can totally ruin your day. (Added hidden meaning for those playing at home: Mr. T is a Cancerian.)

Sympathetic Girl: [oblivious, or otherwise ignoring me] What star sign are you then?

Scorned Girl: I’m a Virgo, so the whole thing with the Sagittarian was doomed from the start. I mean, we were never going to be compatible. We fought all the time. What star sign are you?

Sympathetic Girl: I’m a Pisces.

Scorned Girl: Yes, I thought you were. I can always tell. Pisceans are so intuitive – do you find you pick up on things that others don’t?

Sympathetic Girl: Oh, for SURE. All the time.

Scorned Girl: Mmm, you’re definitely a Pisces. Jac, what star sign are you?

Jac: What?

Scorned Girl: What’s your star sign?

Jac: What do you think it is?

Scorned Girl: No really, what is it?

Jac: But you just said you can always tell. You’ve known me for about a year now. What star sign do you think I am?

Sympathetic Girl: [displaying mighty intuition skills] Well, when’s your birthday then?

Scorned Girl: Um. Are you Taurus? Capricorn?

Jac: Nope.

Scorned Girl: Aquarius? Scorpio? You’re not a SAGITTARIUS, are you?

Jac: Well, you just said you loathed and despised all Sagittarians.

Scorned Girl: Are you? Sagittarius? Are you really!

Jac: [tiring] No, I’m an Aries. My birthday is in April.

Scorned Girl: Ah. Yes, that would be right. You’re totally an Aries. Yeah, typical.

Sympathetic Girl: Oh, totally.

Jac: But you just rattled off half a dozen other star signs! You said you could ALWAYS tell and you didn’t even GUESS Aries!

Scorned Girl: Wow, you Fire signs are always so volatile.

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