Clocking In

Current Procrastination Events:
– Writing a club newsletter, which I have known about for approximately 4 months, and was due out approximately 3 months ago
– Walking any one of a number of dogs (and that number would currently be three, God help me)
– Ironing vast quantities of clothes, all of which have been screwed up as they dried, then danced on by psychotic ninja monkeys
– Attending the gym, wherefore to inflict pain upon my arms and avoid the Sweaters (those who Sweat, not jumper windcheater pullover type clothing things)
– Burning three DVDs for work, because WE DO NOT HAVE A DVD PLAYER AT WORK (security reasons, dontcha know. Of course, we were all given 256MB memory sticks, because memory sticks are ALL ABOUT THE SECURITY. (Actually, we’ve got those because there’s no policy on those things yet. Go us!))
– Finalising and booking my February holiday plane tickets, timelines on which are becoming increasingly tight
– Taking towels out of the washing machine and putting them into the dryer, so that in two hours when I try to have a shower, I will have a towel (I am going to be really angry in two hours)

Current Events:
– Whee! Sitting on my arse on the sofa! Watching Malcolm in the Middle and typing blog entries! I rock!

2 comments to Clocking In

  • my list is just as long, and also includes a club newsletter. :P

  • ahh, thanx for your blog today – you’ve brought a great big smile to this tired old face tonight! Thanx! Glad to see you’ve got your priorities right… I assume that chocolate was involved in the production of this particular blog, of course! Cyalayta, Mal.

"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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