cell phones are useful

Mr. T: …hello?
Me: Why are you not home cooking my dinner?
Mr. T: I was at work. My computer clock isn’t showing daylight savings time, so I thought it was an hour earlier than it is.
Me: Are you joking?
Mr. T: I did wonder where the hell everybody went. I’m on my way home now, I’m on the freeway.
Me: Ohhhh….kay. What did you want to cook for dinner? I’ll start it.
Mr. T: I dunno. What’ve we got?
Me: [rifling through fridge] … um … umm … chicken or … umm… schnitzel.
Me: [confused and startled] What, the schnitzel then?
Mr. T: What? Hey, there was just about an accident right in front of me! This car tried to merge into a 4 wheel drive, just in front of me. Wow that was so close!
Me: Ah. I did wonder what was so great about schnitzel.
Mr. T: Are we having schnitzel?
Mr. T: Yeah. Medication for you.

3 comments to cell phones are useful

  • mmm schnitzel. i hope it was good!

  • A daylight savings’ schnitzel is a one-of-a-kind thing. What a romantic phone call that was as well! (Just kidding!) Ended up being a live traffic report.Cyalata
    Mal :o)

  • Mal

    Hope everything’s going OK for you down there in sunny Melbourne, and that you’re just busy and not laying flat on your back sick or anything! Missing your posts – but – it’s also good to see you have a life apart from your blog! Whoo hoo! lol
    Mal :o)

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