idle + digital camera = …

Look, sometimes at work I do actual work. In fact, I end up working depressingly often. Today, though, was one of those days when I was chasing and ringing people and emailing and following up and really? That’s not what I like to do. That’s not even what I’m paid to do. But SOME PEOPLE get to go back to France for a month’s holiday, and OTHER PEOPLE continue working, including (very kindly might I add) following up on some of the work of SOME PEOPLE. Not that I’m jealous. Or anything.

Anyway, during one of my interminable waiting-on-hold-on-the-goddamn-phone downtimes, the work digital camera happened to alight upon my desk. And with a complete lack of imagination, I picked it up and took a photo of what was in front of me. I give you … my snack.

(Although I do like to think of it as less of a ‘mid-morning break’ and more an ‘art installation’. An interactive art installation. I interacted with it very soon after that photo. Art is delicious.)

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