Paper Tray 12 is Empty

At my work, most printing goes through the Photocopier: a giant beast of a machine that is photocopier, printer, fax, scanner and Emperor of Rome all in one imposing beige cabinet. We plebians are not allowed to touch the Photocopier. We may replace paper in its many paper trays if we perform the proper rites and sacrifice some chickens, but we are not to touch the mysterious inner workings. If it demands replacement toner or other similar ablutions be performed within its bowels, we must call the Registered Service Technician. But our IT guy has the phone number of the Registered Service Technician deep within his brain, and our IT guy has been AWOL for the past two days … and the Photocopier abruptly stopped Photocopying and brusquely demanded we change its Waste Toner Bottle. Immediately! And don’t forget the baby wipes to prevent a rash!

There was only one thing to do. My co-conspirator and I quietly shut the printer room door and secretly began the process of changing the Waste Toner Bottle. This involved removing the old Waste Toner Bottle, adorning it with an orange plastic hairnet (very Queer Eye) and sealing it into a zip-lock bag. Before we could insert the new Waste Toner Bottle, my co-conspirator handed me a long stick. “This is the cleaning rod,” she intoned, reading from the Bible (er, instructions). “We need to clean the toner holes.”

And so it was that I knelt before the Photocopier and vigorously rammed the cleaning rod into the first toner hole. I could certainly see why the Registered Service Technician liked to keep this part all to himself. As my co-conspirator dissolved into helpless mirth, I couldn’t help myself:

Who’s your daddy, Photocopier?”

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