the impossible … revealed

The only problem with mucking around with the camera, is that the dogs come racing over to see what you’re doing. Dogs, I am TRYING to take photos of the sky at strange angles. I do not WANT you lying all over me. God.

This is the Brown Dog. He has an idiotic look on his face, as the Black Dog is just about to throw himself upon me from the other side. The cat is around somewhere as well. And yes, they also all want come into the bathroom to watch you go to the toilet. People = FASCINATING.

3 comments to the impossible … revealed

  • Mal

    Dogs? I thought you were talking about small children! hahahahaa!

  • I find it a little depressing that my cat finds the most mundane activities interesting. Watching Alison get ready for work? Exciting! Watching Alison watch tv? Fabulous! Watching Alison go to the bathroom? The best! I’m all, “ok, cat, is your life THAT boring? Poor thing.”

  • what big teeth you have brown dog! “All the better to steal things off the counter with!” What big eyes you have brown dog! “All the better to see when things drop onto the floor!”

"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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