bungle bangle

Well, the washing machine guy came back and fixed the washing machine. That’s what he does. For an exorbitant fee, apparently. But now I can wash things without leaving the house! It’s a marvel! (On the same lines, I recently won a book from the 50s off eBay on how to better manage your housework. Did you know a refrigerator should not be thought of as a luxury, but as a necessity? Also, infra-red cooking is becoming more popular and is the way of the future! (No, I do not know what infra-red cooking is. Microwave? Spot welder? Nuclear radiation?))

In other news, it’s my birthday in the weekend and I am still undecided as to plans. I am leaning towards doing nothing, but may veer suddenly towards drinking. Mr. T and I are going to Cirque du Soleil on Thursday night, so that counts as something. As long as they don’t do audience participation, that is. Not only does audience participation scare the crap out of me at the best of times, I don’t think I would be able to do any of that tightrope stuff. Although I did a bellydancing class at my gym yesterday. Verdict: hilarious. Especially the guys trying to do the shoulder shimmy.

But back to my birthday. My mum wants to give me jewellery – a gold bangle, thicker and better than my current one. She rang me at work yesterday, in fits of laughter. She works at a manufacturing jewellers and one of the jewellers was refusing to make the bangle. He insisted my measurements were wrong …gold bangle, 5.5cm diameter. I could hear him in the background. “She is wrong! That is too small! That might fit on her wrist, but she’ll never get it over her hand! How tall is she? …. hmmm. How much does she weigh? … mmm. OK, she’s small, but I’m telling you, that measurement is wrong! The last time I made a bangle that size was for my three year old niece!” So I had to take off my current gold bangle, take a digital photo of it sitting on top of a ruler, and email it to my mum. End result: my bangle will be made. In addition, I feel dwarfish and malformed. It’s win-win!

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