le chocolat

I was just watching “Jamie’s Kitchen” on TV, where he showed the horrendous diet eaten by many children through the UK, and was feeling all smug and horrified while eating my chicken and salad for dinner. Now what am I doing? Eating the cooking chocolate. THE COOKING CHOCOLATE. Do you know why I have to eat the cooking chocolate? Because I can’t eat the Cadbury’s Favourites. You know why I can’t eat the Cadbury’s Favourites? Because one of the dogs has learnt how to take them out of the bowl on the coffee table in the middle of the night and chew their wrappers off and eat them. In fact, Mr. T is eating the last Crunchie. Do you know why there was a Crunchie left? Because it is wrapped more securely than the other Favourites, and although the dog had it on the floor, he didn’t manage to get it open. Mr. T does concede that the Crunchie itself is pretty beat up. However he still claims the moral victory over the dog. Me, I’m just happy over here with my cooking chocolate. I may get a horrible stomach ache, but I know MY chocolate contains no teethmarks other than my own.

2 comments to le chocolat

  • Ella will open the cupboard doors in the kitchen and choose the sweet biscuits instead of the savory ones! Last Easter Ella ate all my easter eggs.
    Cunning little creatures arent they!

  • siximpossiblethings

    Dogs. They’re pure evil.
    Also, I’m not getting emailed about comments. This is a test. Email me, damn comment thing!

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