oogie-boogie bugle boy

My slackness really does know no bounds. Well actually I have a plethora of excuses (and I must have heard ‘plethora’ pronounced in four different ways these past few days; PLETHora, pleTHORa, I can’t think of any others but believe me when I say there were at least two other ways, one of which may have been a sneeze but I’m not sure). The reason for the highfalutin’ language was my bi-annual work conference (and please note I have BANNED the use of the word bi-annual, due to haziness as regards its meaning. Twice a year? Or once every two years? Nobody knows. Only I care.) The conference was long but happily did involve drinking, and I managed to work the word ‘oogie-boogie’ into my presentation, as a foil to the plethora of ‘plethora’s spouted by other presenters. And yes, oogie-boogie is a word. Well, it’s certainly more correct than ‘a myriad of’, which rates in my Top 10 Phrases Guaranteed To Induce Rage. My current #1, if you’re interested, is ‘complement/compliment’. Bah! Foods complement other foods, they don’t compliment them! They are not interested in etiquette! RARG! HULK SMASH!

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"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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