the deprivation of the sleep

Do you know what’s on TV this time of night? Psychic investigator programs, ads for dating and SMS pr0n services, and awful, awful american sitcoms. Ooh, and ad for Barbie Slumber Party Mix #3! It has Beyonce! (Shouldn’t it have, I don’t know, the Wiggles or something? And what the hell sort of little girl would be up at midnight watching these pr0n ads, yet simultaneously desire a Barbie CD?) But I digress. Back to my griping about shitty TV programming late, late in the night! When I am so tired! But going to bed does not yet seem a viable option! Everyone else is asleep; including of course the dogs, who had a long walk this evening and are plumb tuckered out. But not me. Or the cat, it seems, as he is walking up the hall … oh, he is lying down. OK, so just me then. Up. Awake. Fixing a graphical inline annoyance in Thunderbird. Hell yes it has to be done now! Also, downloading iTunes. It’s all vitally important! Crucial! … oh who am I kidding.

2 comments to the deprivation of the sleep

  • i used to stay up until around 2 – 3 am just to watch the shopping the-shows… there are some excellent products :)

  • You need to discover the joys of shitty American sitcoms on DVD, so you can watch them whenever you want!
    HAVE YOU WATCHED 24 YET? IF NO, GET IT, WATCH IT, MAKE SWEET SWEET LOVE TO IT. Start with Season 1, obviously. God, I love that the-show.

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