And you can’t even see the worst of it, as that is taken under the bad bathroom light. I do not wish to look at it too closely in the daylight. Vampire hair!

Anyway I am trying to distract myself as Mr. T is singing a song about heartworm to the Black Dog. Every so often the Black Dog glances at me piteously. But you know my songs are worse, Black Dog! Unless … unless you want me to chime in with a duet? This confirms my suspicions that the Black Dog is going deaf.

(“You get the injection … you don’t need the tabLET! Wormy wormy heartWORM! No worms in your heart! Because you get the injecSHUN! You don’t need the tabLET!”)

4 comments to aargh.

  • Your stripes are nowhere near horrid. Of course, I haven’t seen it in the daylight. ;)
    It looks good!

  • it’s not so bad. in fact, it’s quite nice. so long as you keep your body at that rakish angle, you’re sorted. ahhaha.
    no, really, it looks nice.

  • Okay, so I’m no judge of hair.
    But “vampire hair”? That’s fantastic. Pardon me while I rouse the righteous peasantry and we storm your castle. Ideally, your hair should be in the highest tower making lascivious threats at a girl in a very low-cut nightdress.
    But that’s probably all optional.
    Songs about Heartworm: there should be a CD. It sounds entirely prog-rock. Or maybe, Country?

  • very sexy. Like i said if you hate it so much, you can always put a rinse through it. But i like it!

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