ah may not be a smart man

Cat Chicken Wing Update: Day Five.
… oh you really didn’t think I’d leave a chicken wing in the cat’s bowl for five days, did you?

…I did, actually. Let’s move on.

… yeah, I can’t stop thinking about it either. In my defense, the cat’s bowl is in the laundry on top of the washing machine (to stop the dogs eating the cat food. Although both dogs can get their heads up that high, now I think about it. They’re probably eating cat food RIGHT NOW. Excuse me.) (Also: as an aside, the cat biscuits and the washing powder are kept in identical plastic containers on top of the dryer. I haven’t yet fed the cat RadiantXL, nor the washing machine Purina One, but there’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya! Tomorrow! (Remember that entry about me singing bits of songs? Yeah, that’s still happening. (Also, remember the entry about all the punctuation? Mmm.))) And, in my usual circuitous manner, this has nothing to do with the chicken wing. Right. The CAT’S BOWL. Is in the laundry. Because the laundry is at the back of the house which is bitingly, numbingly, chillingly freezingly cold. So basically that chicken wing was refrigerated the whole time. So there was no salmonella or E. coli or listeria on it. (Well, maybe a little bit. Around the edges.)

So in summary: chicken wing uneaten. Chicken wing thrown out. Cat’s teeth still tartar-choked. Next plan of attack: buy those thimble-looking toothbrush things that fit on your finger, give to Mr. T, throw the cat at him and run like hell. I’ll let you know how it goes.

2 comments to ah may not be a smart man

  • Elie

    Thank god you threw the chicken wing out!
    I may not be a cat lover but I dont like to see animals hurt (Well maybe if they are ugly and mean like cats – sometimes)
    Poor Mr. T…
    What ever happend to the pictures?

  • Laura

    Thank you for the snippet of Tomorrow. I sense it’s now going to be my very special friend for the remainder of the day.

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