Day 5. Hair still bad.

Look, it really is horrible. You don’t need to say it’s not. I have had worse colours in my hair, but that was when I was in university and a good friend was doing her hairdressing training. I was just happy to get free haircuts and didn’t care what the hell she and her friends did to my hair. I have had green. I have had blue. I have had bleached to all buggery. I have had choppy layers. I have had a long and mournful fringe. I have had assymetrical haircuts ON PURPOSE. I have had hair that looked exactly like Ginger Spice’s, even though I specifically said, “This won’t look like Ginger Spice, will it?” and was assured it would not. It did. I have been in hairdressing shows and had my makeup done by drag queens. (The feathers stuck in the corners of my eyes really irritated me.) So I know that hair always grows out. However. This is not a nice combination of colours, and I am determined to get a better (and therefore worse) photo of it this weekend. That’ll show you. That’ll show you ALL.

And my odd position is due to me holding the camera above my head and attempting to take photos in the bathroom mirror. I cropped the camera out, the better to see the crime of nature that is my hair. But it was a bit contorted, I will admit. This is a time when I really could have used a helper monkey.

Right. Now that’s out of the way, it’s almost Queens Birthday weekend and I am going to Mt Buller. There is no snow yet so there won’t be skiing, but I know there will be alcohol. And really, I can fall over just as easily with one as with the other.

3 comments to Day 5. Hair still bad.

  • Elie

    Its NOT that bad. I admit the colour looks crazy. At least you can do something with your hair. I tried to dye my hair blue I ended up dyeing my hands and forehead. I will say it again… IT LOOKS NICE.

  • ok ok i give in. It looks like you gave your dogs freedom to choose the colours. Possibly not your dogs, because they’re smart, maybe like a little fluffy thing, shit zhu, maltese something like that. CHOP IT ALL OFF WO-MAN! :p

  • I’m still imagining the Hair Of the Undead, ravishing young girls (how does one ravish, exactly?) and lurking dramatically on balconies.
    But then, I’m a boy – if I leave a hairdresser with markably less hair I’m happy.

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