hair’s a short update

I finally got my hair cut on Saturday. I like the cut, but not so keen on the colour. Tell me, did having two very different colour highlights go out with the Spice Girls? I think so. And yet I am stuck with a “caramel” (read: red-brown) and “blonde” (read: very-blonde, much blonder than my actual hair) set of stripes through my hair. I didn’t actually realise it was quite so noticeable until I got home. Sigh. So I’ve washed it 5 times with the worst shampoo I could find (Pert! Remember Pert? The black hole under our bathroom sink does!) to strip out some of the retina-burning areas. Eh. It’s hair. It’ll grow back.

3 comments to hair’s a short update

  • Dude, I’m all about nutty hair. I think we need a picture to make a true judgement.

  • Hi Jac,
    this is a very ace blog you have going on here. And now that i come & check it out, I remember I’ve been here before. I think I might have visited via dogpossum. Well I’m glad to have found you again. And you have some of my bags….does your last name begin with W? I can think of a few Jac customers, so I might be guessing completely wrong. Oh and I think your hair sounds lovely.

  • well you could always go to priceline and pick up some LIVE rinse colour, which always says like 24 washes but ends up being rather permanent in my hair. you may find it dulls and changes the colour especially the blonde.

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