ignoring the obvious

I am procrastinating madly due to the large pile of work I have sitting ominously on the coffee table, lurking and mocking me. If Powerpoint printouts could cackle, they would be crooning madly at me right now. Damn you work! I actually really like the project you are summarising, but damn you all to hell!

I feel I have to weigh in on “Super Nanny”, a program I never usually get to see as I am usually at the gym (which I did not go to tonight due to the aforementioned work, SHUT UP SHUT UP) and also there is “Myth Busters” on SBS which is far superior. Anyway I am sure that should a child ever fall into my clutches, it will not rule me as demonstrated so aptly on Super Nanny. I am master of the house! Just ask my dogs. Who are … oh, at present tracking in mud from the garden onto the rug, stealing pens and chewing them up, and stealing avocados from the tree faster than I can collect them. But I tell them, “no, dogs, naughty,” and I’m sure one day they’ll listen.

Cat Chicken Wing Update: Day Two. Chicken wing is still in bowl. Cat glares at me fixedly from the moment I get up to the moment I slink guiltily out of the house, then begins again when I get home. Cat is at present sitting 30 cm away with his back to me and is ostentatiously cleaning his nether regions. Upon investigation of bowl (bowl! Not nether regions!), the chicken wing appears to have been pushed to side and more biscuits have been added. Accuse Mr. T of subterfuge, pandering and general malingering. No wonder the cat loves him best.

2 comments to ignoring the obvious

  • Elie

    Master of your own house indeed… give the poor cat a break… thow the chicken out… or chase Mr T around the house with a broom.

  • I’ve weighed in on Mythbusters a couple of times now. Please keep watching reardless of the mountain of work! It’s the best thing on TV right now.
    Wish I had time to watch SuperNanny but I’m too busy looking after a toddler :/

"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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