We have a surfeit of lemons here at the moment (God, I have never heard someone use the word ‘surfeit’ in conversation, I must blame my overly wide-ranging reading habits). Yes, lemons. I have two lemon trees, one in the front garden and one in the back. Occasionally the dogs attempt to eat the fallen lemons (several have been delicately ‘zested’) but they give up and go back to eating the avocadoes. So I’ve been looking around on the net for lemon recipes to use up this damn fruit. Do you know what a lot of people make with lemons? Pie. Or, as I am congenitally bound to pronounce it, PAIH! (This is my Cartman-off-South-Park impersonation. Oh, have you never heard my impersonations? They’re really good. Or … not.)

So this has lead to me scrolling through, muttering to myself, “Lemon Meringue PAIH! Creamy lemon PAIH! Lemon chiffon PAIH! Ah’m thankful for stuffing an’ PAIH! Lemon icebox PAIH! Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

2 comments to PAIH!

  • Tell me, TELL ME, you’ve seen Weebl and Bob’s first episode? There’s a strong “pie” theme in all their later work too. I’d advise you to “check it”.

  • isnt a great site?
    I look throught it every once in a while and go…. Hmm… chocolate Cake, Cocolate Cake, Chocolate cake…
    I dont care much for Lemons, we got two trees in our garden as well… one being right out the window (my bedroom window)…
    you can always make Lemonade, or squish them evil Lemons, and freeze the juice and use it for Salads, or cooking… thats what my mum does.

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