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I pre-ordered the new Harry Potter last night. I quite like HP, but I am not mad over the series like many seem to be. However I do want to read the new one, and pre-ordering seem like the thing to do if I want to avoid all the Hogwarts hoo-hah. Anyway, I have all the others, and I can’t interrupt a series. (The only series I have half of, and stopped reading and buying around Book 4, was Robert Jordan’s A Wheel of Time series. I bought the first one in a holiday reading drought, and kept buying them out of habit and a misplaced sense of duty before I realised: I DON’T EVEN ENJOY READING THEM. I hated all the people except for two, and would skip every chapter that didn’t involve them. I think that series is currently up to Book 9 or so, and is showing no sign of coming to any sort of a conclusion. )


I am writing with one eye on the television, with my Messenger signed in, hoping to hear from a very good friend in Sheffield. She used to live in London and often goes back to see her friends. I hope she is not there now. I am sure she is far away from there, but there are many people who are not. I know there will be passport photos looking at me from the front page of the newspapers tomorrow. There is nothing I can do tonight. I am restless and will go now, to walk my dog down quiet dark streets.


Edit: Email from London – she was studying in the Natural History Museum at the time, and she and hers are safe.

2 comments to pottering around

  • I know how you feel about the London explosions… I heard while I was at work from my friend who lives in the UK, I was verry worried I called my mum to watch the BBC to see whats going on and when she said 6 explotions I was like… damn.. I hope she was far away from them (She is safe so is her family)…
    I am also glad to see another Harry Potter fan.
    a few words of parting
    Darco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
    Magically Yours in Potterness
    Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
    P.S. I loved your comment on my Blog.. ‘you remind me of the babe!’

  • still waiting to hear from my friend who is in london for work… hopefully something will come through soon.

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