Sock monkey. Kind of.

Well this is all very crafty. But here is my July contribution to Loobylu’s Month of Softies. The theme is “A World of Sock Monkeys”, referring of course to the soft toy you make from a pair of socks. I have bent the rules somewhat and taken the term very literally. Behold!

OK, so it’s not really a monkey; it’s a baboon. And it’s not really made of socks; it’s wearing socks. But come on! A baboon wearing socks! That’s surely what it’s all about.

The baboon is made of light blue felt, with felt appliqued nose detail. The eyes are beads; the nostrils are embroidered. The socks are made from red and white striped flannel.

Oh yeah, like you didn’t know that was coming! Damn, filling those little bum cheeks with stuffing was difficult. However, I am nothing if not attentive to detail.

3 comments to Sock monkey. Kind of.

  • Damn, you’re crafty.
    I love the bum!

  • Mal

    That’s so clever! Sock puppets with attitude! I’ve made sock puppets with about 25 kids – interesting results! Buggered if I know where the photos for them are now, tho! D’oh!
    Thanx for your blog… I don’t stop by very often, but I enjoy sharing your world when I do – thanks!
    Mal :o)

  • Katherine

    Great work! Very creative.

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