under cover of darkness

Again I emerge from the quietness! Actually I have been in the Hunter Valley, which is the wine region of NSW and damn was it nice. Sometimes work is very good to me. So that was heaps of fun and much better than being in the office. (I don’t think I needed to spell that out.)

But! The ninjas! I have tracked them down to their secret hideaway. On the fridge. They were planning a secret mission and it’s lucky I caught them in time.

To make them, I cut their body shapes out of black felt (and can I say I would FAIL every life drawing class ever given; according to me, knees bend any which way and there are up to four joints in any given arm). Then I cut their faces out of peach felt; then attached their faces to their bodies by sewing on their eyes, which are little black beads. See? Easy. I like them. However I don’t think I’ll be creating a ninja army anytime soon. I may not feel safe in my bed.

This little guy was supposed to be shimmying down a rope (made of brown ribbon, excitingly enough). But to me it looks like he’s wielding a weapon twice his size. I find this satisfyingly ninja-like behaviour.

2 comments to under cover of darkness

  • Oh man. I love the ninjas. I need me some ninja goodness!

  • Ok an update, because I’m a dork – I BOUGHT ninja making supplies when I was at the craft store today! And I will make them tomorrow when I have time. I was there picking up some supplies for a new batch of marble magnets.
    I also wanted to let you know that I found a PERFECT rope for the ninjas if you decide to make any more – brown pipe cleaners! I do like the giant weapon that your ninja has though. He can bust some heads with that.

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