march of the penguins

Mr. T and I were looking at electrical kitchen gadgets yesterday, as our mixer has died a crackly, fiery death. Now usually I scorn specific gadgets as complete money wasters, not useful for anyone who can cook (“Omelette maker? It’s called a pan.” “Fairy floss maker? ARE THEY INSANE? Can you not shove sugar down your child’s throat without the purchase of a fairy floss maker?” “Hot dog maker? HOT DOG MAKER? Do these people not have a POT and a STOVE?” … I’m sure you get the idea. And man, how often do I use rhetorical questions?) and this outing was no exception. However. I was looking around, and completely randomly, found a waffle maker. Which makes waffles in the shape of PENGUINS.

Me: “Penguins! Penguin waffles!”
Mr. T: “What? Oh. Yeah.”
Me: “You don’t understand. This will be mine.”
Mr. T: “What? Why? You don’t even EAT breakfast.”
Me: “I totally would if it were shaped like a PENGUIN!”
Mr. T: “Yeah, whatever. Now go look at mixers. Which is why we are in this store, which is slowly sucking my will to live.”
Me: “OK. Just let me get this penguin-maker.”
Mr. T: “What? NO. You will never make a waffle if you buy that. It will live in the cupboard forever.”
Me: “As God as my witness, I’ll never go hungry again! There will be penguins on every plate!”
Mr. T: “That is a complete waste of money. Walk away from the waffle thing.”
Me: “Penguins! Penguins! Penguins!”
Mr. T: “You are NOT. BUYING. THAT.”

Mmmm. Penguins go well with ice cream. Must be because of their Antarctic upbringing.

3 comments to march of the penguins

  • Mal

    Penguin waffles? Oh my gawd… it’s the end! Argh! Run away! Hide yourselves! hahahahaaaaa

  • OMG! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
    Can I pop over one day for breakfast? wait that would be rather hard as you live in Australia and I live in Canada! But no the less that is the sutest thing on Earth!
    Make sure to treat Mr. T with Tons of waffles!

  • Not what your post was about, but…here, in the US, its cotton candy. Down there? Fairy Floss! YOU HAVE SUCH A BETTER NAME FOR IT! “Cotton candy” is just so….literal. Ugh.

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