I am slowly making my way through my shiny new book pile, including Wolves of the Calla, which is Book V of the VII part Dark Tower series. I have already discussed my need to buy all available books in a series, which is why it pains me to have to say this. Deep breath. OK. I have heroically restrained myself from buying the last two Dark Tower books (don’t tell me what happens don’t don’t don’t) because … and this will give you a small clue as to my personality … they are in the large format paperback and my previous versions are in the small format. EXCUSE ME I MUST GO WASH MY HANDS REPEATEDLY OVER AND OVER. This is anal. I know it. And two of the books I DID buy were … I’m cringing myself to think of this …

… small format paperbacks to replace the perfectly good large format paperbacks I already own.

2 comments to confessions

  • Adding to your anal-retentiveness: the small ones are called “mass market paperbacks” and the bigger ones (no matter the size, just not the mass market size) are called “trade paperbacks”. I used to work in a bookstore, and I figure that if you’re gonna be anal about this, you may as well use the correct lingo.

  • *Snort* you just reminded me that I need to buy more books… though I have no space to put them…

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