I’m also snacktactular!

There’s an ad on TV for lipgloss at the moment and it tickles my fancy every time. I have a thing for portmanteaus, especially when the word created is nonsensical. So whenever I see this ad, I turn to Mr. T and say, “Guess what!”
[Mr. T raises one eyebrow at me tiredly; he knows what’s coming, which now makes me think this ad must be on more often than I thought]
Me: “I’M shinylicious!”
Mr. T: “Suuuure you are.”
Me: “It’s craptacular!”
Mr. T: “It certainly is.”

And I’ve JUST seen an ad that tops it … for one of those fibre supplement powders you dissolve in water.
Mr. T: “I know. I saw it.”
Mr. T: “Oh my God.”

2 comments to I’m also snacktactular!

  • Elie Khoury

    Oh… My… God!
    That was the best thing EVA!
    I must incorporate such random lines in my daily life!
    Because my love for random things and loving to state the obvious will get old at one point… I dont see how, lots of things to love and many obvious things to point out^_^
    I love it!

  • Mal

    What is life without randomness? Far poorer, less funny, and less random! Random RULZ! lol And that’s craptacular! ;)
    Enjoying going thru ur blog again… it’s been a little while since I last did. Hope u don’t mind.
    Mal :o)

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