just another manic

It’s Monday and I have just wasted several hours watching the Australian Idol final. Which is odd, considering I didn’t watch any of the other episodes. I don’t really like reality shows – there was an ad during the show for “new Big Brother auditions!!!1!!” which made me feel all cold inside. Also, while watching the soothing yet mind-sapping Australian Idol, I unpicked about nine embroidered daisies from a linen teatowel – ironic (don’t you think) when you consider I want to embroider the teatowel myself. And yes I should have been watching Grey’s Anatomy instead, but I was pilfering that (I’m hoping this word catches on – if you can rip CDs, why can’t you pilfer TV onto DVRs?) and sort of forgot about it. And now my hand is all cramped from holding tiny embroidery scissors, and it’s my MOUSE HAND. This bodes ill for my internet addiction.

2 comments to just another manic

  • Elie Khoury

    Random question…
    I know you are from New Zealand, and I just found out that NZ has TWO national anthems. The ‘God Defend New Zealand’ has a Maori versin, that got me thinking, do they teach children Maori at school?

  • Mal

    Hand cramping up? Have you tried one of those special headband thingys you can get that can double as a mouse as well? Head/Eye coordination can be a real bugger tho… Lol
    Mal :)

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