So, my sister bought a new mobile phone. Incidentally, it’s the same as mine. It’s a Samsung with a particularly large screen, and I made mine a little sock out of polarfleece because I was scared of scratching it. So, of course, she emails and requests a sock. Can I make a sock? CAN I HELL.

What I really wanted to do with the sewing machine next was “learn zips”. (Hey, baby steps. My next one will be “learn buttonholes”.) So I bought a zip. But how could I work the zip thing into the sock thing? Can’t. Bugger. BUT. What about making a matching purse thing? (Note how I have moved beyond “polarfleece sock”, which takes literally 30 minutes to make, into some complicated purse thing of which my entire knowledge consists of “people on the internet make them” and also, “I have these two here which I bought from Laura and I will look at the zip and see how she did it”. (Laura, do not faint.) (Everyone else: buy bags from Laura.) (On second thoughts, do not, as you keep buying all the good ones before I get to them.)) SO. I got my trusty polarfleece, and made the sock. Then I got my trusty Reprodepot goldfish fabric (actually this hasn’t proven trusty as yet, but give it time) and sewed a little goldfish patch onto the sock. NOW. For the purse. Keep in mind this zip has been sewn in four times, and unpicked three times, to give the example below. Also, I wasn’t planning to line this, but had to, because … it’s manky in there, what with seams and threads and bits of zip and stuff. So! Apologies for the weird lighting of these photos, and also, don’t look too closely at, um, the straighness of these seams. Or anything. Laura, LOOK AWAY BEFORE IT BURNS YOU.

The tag was also a Random Crafting Attack … I was wandering up Glenferrie Rd, killing time before an appointment, and wandered onto High St and into some sort of scrapbooking store. I am not a scrapbooker. However they did have stamps … alphabet stamps … and I DO like the alphabet. $25 later, I am the proud owner of some stamps, a stamp pad, and some white tags. I told you how my bank account fears me, right? So: this is the tag I made (and please note only THREE previous tags had to sacrifice their noble lives to produce this one!)

This makes my weekend officially productive. Now I can sit on the couch and watch Legally Blonde! Somehow … this doesn’t thrill me as it should.

3 comments to craftilicious

  • oh you did good. The Devil created zippers. Your fancy new sewing machine handles twin needle topstitching with eclat it appears. You might say I am jealous.

  • righto, hand over the fishy fabric. i need it. i need it now. i MUST HAVE IT.
    i’m impressed by the fleece/woven fabric combination – it’s always tricky to make a stretch play nice with a woven. you rock. now give me the fishy fabric.

  • jac

    Laura: I have no idea what you’re talking about with the twin needles. The French, I get. But now I’m too scared to document my actual method for putting in this zip, as it is quite obviously insane.
    Dogpossum: I know! Goldfish! In bags! They’re so cool! And also, the stretch with the woven? A mistake. Hence the non-straightness of the seams. Oh well. My sister is used to my imperfections.

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