swings and roundabouts

Good Things:

– I spent two solid days at the Commonwealth Games watching the rugby sevens. I’m not a huge sports person but this was absolutely awesome. I can honestly say I have never before been amongst 50,000 people all chanting U-GAN-DA! U-GAN-DA! and I sincerely doubt it will ever happen again. Highly, highly recommended.

– Went to the craft show at Caulfield last weekend and it DIDN’T SUCK AS MUCH AS I EXPECTED! Such a glowing recommendation. AND a nice lady gave me a free ticket as I was walking up to the gate. Sweet. So I found the matching goldfish fabric to my existing goldfish fabric (this one is blue with free-range goldfish, not in plastic bags) and was introduced to the intriguing notion of Liberty prints. Yes I had never before touched Liberty fabric. Hold me because my life will never be the same.

– My sister received her bag in the mail before she went on her Island Jaunt. (No I haven’t told her I put her picture on the Internets and you won’t either.) She is presently trying to think of the company name for the company where I make all the bags and she sells them and keeps the proceeds. I keep telling her that baboons don’t have any money but she won’t listen.

– I attempted to sew a sleeveless top while watching the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, but was so bored I completely destroyed one armhole in the vain attempt to finish as soon as possible so I could get away from the TV. The top looks like rats have chewed it. In my defence, it was a mockup made of weird green pique cotton. But there is no defence for the pedestrian nature of the opening ceremony. I liked the duck and Leunig but I thought everything had been done before by every other opening ceremony for every other event ever. Apart from the rollerbladers with fireworks jetpacks. I don’t care how many times that’s been done before; that’s all good.

Bad Things:

– My company got bought out by a bigger company. My first thought: Not again. My second thought: I could really use a nice redundancy package around about now. We are tallying on the whiteboard the number of phonecalls from those claiming to have known about it for days, as well as those who pretend to commiserate but their sole purpose is to sniff out gossip. The current Wanker Count is 7 and will only increase.

– I cracked a bit off the side of one of my molars, about the size of a raspberry seed. You know what I was eating? Fish. The softest food known to mankind. I keep forgetting and drinking cold water, and involuntarily rising from my seat like royalty is entering the room.

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