@ work, 3.46pm

– I have been hit in the face by stress balls far too many times today. And my return throws are totally pathetic. I need to learn to throw less like a girl.

– Yesterday I gave everyone in my office a small Easter chicken. This makes the hitting in the face thing even more annoying. (Maybe they are allergic to poultry.)

– I am getting a fair amount of use from the Official Festive iPod. Of course, it helps that I am listening to No Doubt right now at full roar and can barely hear my coworkers taking 3 metres away. Eh, they’re probably just talking about me anyway. About the best way to hit me in the face, no doubt. No Doubt! Jinx!

– It’s my birthday in a few weeks and up until yesterday I had given it completely no thought. Now I have given it about 5 minutes of thought, and still haven’t got any further.

– This daylight savings thing is getting really annoying. Half of Australia hasn’t changed over (because of the Commonwealth Games) but all the computer servers did, then they changed back, but my computer is evidently not listening to the server and is going on its own internal journey and/or spiritual quest. Consequently I spent a great deal of Monday one hour behind everyone else. Typical.

– I made a Wee Bunny but looking at the flickr pictures of other examples, my bunny has gobbled into his Easter eggs early. Why are all the other bunnies anorexic? Surely it can’t be that my bunny is … overweight. However I will concede it looks strikingly like a bowling bin.

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