the sky is falling

I have been sitting here refreshing Bloglines, irrationally angry with you non-updating people in the world, when it struck me that I should update myself. Then there will be something in Bloglines for me to read!

So, what did you do at work today? I enacted a funeral involving Easter chickens, the finale of an elaborate scheme involving a kidnapped chicken, a ransom demand and a little chicken leg delivered in the internal mail. (Remember when I said I gave a chicken to each of my co-workers? One was kidnapped.) The ransom was never paid and rather than drag the whole joke over Easter, we waited until the relevant co-worker was called into a meeting and staged the little funeral on his desk. Moral: pay ransoms when requested, especially when your co-workers are kind of sadistic and enjoy playing barbed practical jokes.

Now I think of it, that’s an appropriate Easter theme. If the little chicken corpse has disappeared when we return to work, I will be VERY impressed.

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"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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