Good lord, it’s May. How did that happen?

My nana turned 90 on Friday. Pretty impressive, I know. I made her some little zip purses and filled them with lavender things, like talcum powder, which she likes. You know, old people stuff. I sent them off last Monday and then, after talking to my Mum on the phone, thought I would just check the internet to see what the flights were like. And Qantas was all, we would like you to fly return to NZ on short notice for $349. And I was all, thank you Qantas, I will do that. So I worked Anzac Day (by myself, no less. It was good, in that I cranked up the speakers and the heating and had myself a little heated nest instead of the arctic air conditioned temperatures. Bad, in that I couldn’t find the main overhead lights and had to work in the dark.) which meant I could take Friday off and fly out of the country and surprise my nana for her birthday dinner. Just so you know, I had reservations about this. My mum insisted I be a surprise. I kind of thought I might be the sort of surprise that would kill a 90 year old. But no, my nana first thought I was my sister and then saw it was me and was most delighted. As well as a family dinner on Friday night, on Sunday nana also had an afternoon tea at my parent’s place for all her old lady friends, so I was petted and admired by about 30 old ladies. Mum and I busted out the afternoon tea stuff: I rocked the devilled eggs while she made asparagus rolls, and my aunt bought club sandwiches, and there were savouries and cakes and date loaf and about 600 cups of tea, “not too strong dear, I have it quite weak with a wee bit of milk”. So that was all quite fun, if not exhausting, and I’m pretty sure I’m in the will. And I got my hair cut and bought some gumboots and a Speights T-shirt. No, really, I did. AND, on the flight back (early morning Monday, with the plan to go straight to work from the airport) I had the whole row of 4 seats to myself. This has never happened to me before. I took full advantage and stretched out immediately the seatbelt sign was turned off, lest some small child or overly fat person covet my extra seating.

And now it’s May, which really snuck up on me this time. It’s full autumn here now, which is beautiful, and I am even trying to see a type of stark beauty in the muddy dog pawprints dried onto the white tiles … hmmm. Still working on it.

2 comments to ninety

  • Elie Khoury

    Ohh my you were busy… I dont know if I can stand being around 30 old ladies (or men for that matter). But if its my grandmother then I dont really mind ^_^
    I cant believe its May as well… time flies

  • Oooooh, I had 3 seats (an entire row by the window!) to myself on a flight once, and it was the BEST FLIGHT EVER. Congrats on your luck :) hehe

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