Skirt is good. Dog is good. Weather is cold. I believed the weather man (girl? person? disembodied voice on the radio?) when they said “fog then 15 degrees and fine”. So: skirt. And strappy shoes. What does this mean, when you are me? Weather = “fog then 8 degrees and more fog”. Melbourne: 4 seasons in one day, as long as all of them are winter.

I made the most tasteless dinner ever last night. I don’t know how you can bugger up roast chicken, but the gravy was tasteless and the vegetables were tasteless. Damn it. Chicken was good though.

Speaking of food, I got a new delivery in my ongoing Revolting Food swap. Have I mentioned this here? A friend and I buy each other revolting foods and (usually) send them to each other in the mail. It started with a Blueberry Freddo driving to Moe: one is just as bad as the other. They don’t make Blueberry Freddos anymore, but Moe still exists. I guess. Anyway. Last week I sent her a Spam Single, which is (as it sounds) a single serve slab of Spam in a foil pouch. I know. Awesome. But today I received a box containing a jar of Fluff, which is that scary marshmallow stuff that spells America to us jaded southern hemisphere types. Fluff! It’s like a giant marshmallow, shoved into a jar! And you’re supposed to put it on sandwiches!

So now I have diabetes. But I can cross “fluffernutter” off my list of things to eat.

5 comments to flufferiffic

  • Ew, Fluff. I've never tried it, but just thinking about it is revolting, especially when the traditional Fluff sandwich is Peanut Butter and Fluff on white bread. Ewwww…

    Although, now that I think about it, something could probably be done with chocolate and graham-crackers to make smores in the absence of a campfire.

  • Hate to admit it but I loves me some fluff, peanut butter and graham crackers. You can't eat it without getting it all over yourself (maybe that is just me) but that stuff… yeah, it is like crack.

  • I bought fluff once for the pure enjoyment of watching it explode out of the jar when you open the seal.

    The fluff itself? Eh. Too grainy and sweet for me, even on crackers. Never thought of putting it on bread. That just seems so wrong. *shudder*

  • jac

    See, we don't have graham crackers, which may be the difference. No crackers named for people! Wait! Except for Marie biscuits!

  • No graham crackers? No…graham…crackers? I cannot conceive of this. The world just became a little bit scarier to me.

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