So the Good Food Show was insane and if you paid money and went, I really feel for you, pushing through hundreds of people for hours. Yes I ate lots of product (no time for a lunch break) and we sold through almost all of our stock with enough left for a very productive swapping session with other stands at the show. (Ah, you didn’t realise that, did you? That all the people who so nicely serve you and sell you things at these sorts of shows just want you to GET THE HELL OUT so they can contra swap their remaining stock with the other stands? Well now you do. And this is why there are very few ‘end of show deals’ for you.) But it is fun, and always interesting.

In other news, my Black Dog is doing much better – he wants to stand, and can push up on his front legs, but not yet bear all his weight on them. He gets his stitches out tomorrow, and is doing physio and may get to do swimming. And he wakes Mr. T every few hours needing to go to the toilet. It all feels very baby-like: the lack of sleep, driving him to endless activities, boring everyone with every tiresome detail … but on the plus side, he never cries. And he’s a dog, so he’s automatically cuter than a baby anyway.

2 comments to fooooood

  • Lol… I now know your secret of the food the-show!

    Well dogs are cuter than babies! they dont cry, and when they grow up the become lazy unlike babies when they grow up they start talking and asking for things, espensive things

  • yes, much cuter than a baby any old day…
    cheers, gracia

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