I have hundreds of things to say. Good thing I have a blog.

I am making a skirt at the moment; I bought the wrong pattern size, so had to make a ghost pattern a size bigger than the largest size printed. So I cut the material (scary), sewed up the side seams, then stood in front of the heater to try it on for size. In the forty seconds I took to do this, the cat is now lying down on the jeans I took off. Wonderful. It’s freezing. Oh, and the skirt is at least two sizes too big.

I wore a pair of shoes I bought back in NZ to work on Friday: they are mushroom coloured mary janes with embroidered flowers on them. Because I know you’re interested. They also have crepe soles, and driving to work I went to change gears and my foot slipped straight off the clutch. Which meant I sat at the next set of traffic lights and contorted myself trying to take the shoes off and push them under the seat. Once at work, I busied myself hitting “refresh” on the ticketmaster website trying to get internet pre-sale tickets to Robbie Williams. At one point I had to get up and do some actual work (THE NERVE) and skidded back to my desk after I was done to continue with my refreshing. Only when I touched the mouse, I gave myself a wicked electric shock and restarted the computer. THAT’S CORRECT. My raw and unchanneled magnetism is no match for a computer. Either that, or the crepe soled shoes and the static electricity. But I think the magnetism. AND I didn’t get tickets. My coworker is devastated.

And of course, the thing I don’t want to talk about: there is something wrong with my Black Dog. He can’t use his front legs and can’t walk. Currently he is getting massage and acupuncture and spinal x-rays,and getting carried around (which he likes). He is 8 years old, which is old for his breed. But to me, he’s nowhere near old enough.

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  • Oh, I'm sorry to hear about the Black Dog and the not getting of the Robbie Williams tickets. One of those would have been bad enough, but together, that really just blows.

  • I hope he gets better soon.

  • oh, i'm sorry to hear about the black dog. give him a squeeze for me, will you. because i know he'll appreciate it, even if he (and you!) have no idea who i am.

    static: story of my life. i think people think i'm a bit ob-con with all my clever static-avoidance tricks for opening doors at uni.

  • I hope it all works out well with your Mr Black Dog… these wonderful little pets are such a worry when they fall sick. Here's hoping the massage sorts him out & the x-rays prove informative… and who doesn't love to be carried about?
    cheers, gracia

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