i have …

I have the cat lying beside me, between me and the heater. The sound of the laptop keys are causing his ears to flick backwards. Sometimes I look at the cat and I think, “holy crap. There’s an animal in my house.” I have tried to explain this to Mr. T a few times – there’s an animal! In the house! A little wild animal, and we feed it, and go out of our way to make it happy! And it’s an ANIMAL, it’s nothing like us, just look at it, it’s little and FURRY and alien and it’s in the house. And we let it in. Sometimes this seems very strange to me.

I have to return this work laptop soon. My beloved tiny laptop has a wonky USB port, and no wireless card. This means the external wireless modem dongle (heh) must plug into the USB port, and there is only one USB port, and it has become extremely temperamental; such that if I move, or breathe, or switch positions, the USB loses the connection and the internet disconnects. Three or four times a minute, usually. This is extremely irritating, so I have taken to surfing the internet on the tiny laptop I stole from work. Well, not stole. Technically they gave it to me. But I feel more daring if I say stole. Then I ruin it all by telling you that it is not stolen at all. Anyway, I have to return it at the end of the week as my job finishes and I start a new one. I am excited about it and hopefully there will be another tiny laptop at the end of that rainbow, such that I can continue to surf the internet in tiny laptop contentment.

I have spent most of my internet time tonight buying fabric off eBay, as I am halfway through another quilt. Well, it’s a whole bunch of squares sewn together. Last night I had the grand plan of making it into a queen size duvet cover type arrangement. This will end in pain, I can tell. Expensive pain. Hopefully the money I’ve now spent will force me to finish it.

I have become completely dissatisfied with my house, all my furniture and basically everything I own. I think it’s a winter thing. Also, the house is small with no storage so it’s cluttered. Well, I think it’s cluttered. It irritates me, but there’s nothing I can do short of ridding myself of the clutter. And it’s clutter like ‘cookbooks’, so, OK, want to keep those, but there’s nowhere to put them except where they are, so, OK, they stay. And this continues with everything I see, all the way up to big things like ‘camping stuff’, and we have no garage, so basically the camping stuff lives in the house, and … you get the idea.

I have to go now.

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  • Kate

    Hello. Do you get the alien feeling just about the cat? I guess dogs are more sympatico with humans than cats. Anyway. Regarding the Chubbie pattern, it couldn’t possibly have been from the 30s, because all the women then were either flapper chicks with no curves, or gaunt from trying to feed seven babies with three potatoes due to the Depression, right?

  • Completely spot on with that first paragraph. It’s so strange to have this creature with you every day for years and years and never exchange a word, never find out exactly what it is the creature thinks is going on here….

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