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I am trying to watch the new season of Greys Anatomy, but I keep forgetting to. This is because: (a) it’s on at some godawful time on a Monday night; (b) I keep forgetting to watch TV; (c) our PVR is broked. BROKED. (PVR = one of those DVD recorder things, but records onto a hard disc.) I turned on the TV a week or so ago (and yes I understand this contradicts my earlier statement (b), I am full of such charming idiosyncrasies) and it was flashing in a strobe-like manner. “DEMONS I BID THEE BE GONE!” I thundered, but to no avail. The problem turned out to be the PVR and it is, in my best technical terms, broked. So this means that any TV must be watched on the spot, rather than recorded later .


OK the Black Dog just had a small accident and I had to clean it up. No dramas, all was successfully contained on his mat, but I got the carpets cleaned this morning which positively invites trouble. We are a No-Void Inside household, but I suppose surgery gives you some perks. He’s had 2 accidents in three weeks which is better than some flatmates I’ve had. Yes he’s still flapping around on the floor; but he is in fact scarily mobile and has an efficient slug-like locomotion. His current physio regime includes sitting him up, holding food in front of him and getting him to lean forward to use his shoulder muscles. This is fine, except I am the food holder and having an off-balance dog lurch towards you, jaws wide and intent on the fine piece of roast prok you are holding, results in some minor skin dents. (He never usually bites, but again: off-balance.)

back to our regularly scheduled rant

So I have heaps of news but it’s all on the work front and we don’t talk about that here. Give me a week or so and things may actually turn out the way I want them and then there will be A Great Rejoicing. So unfortunately for you, I am stuck with discussing the crap PVR and how insidiously it had invaded our lives; I imagine it to be a sort of Tivo-Lite, and can only imaging the wonder that is Tivo. (I am thinking mostly of the “I like this program so record all episodes of this program from now on, okthanks” aspect of Tivo. SO HANDY.)

What else? Borders keeps giving me vouchers. Have you signed up with your email address to Borders? They will keep giving you vouchers. Some are crap (“Buy 4 magazines and pay for 3!” – 4 magazines? really?) and some are good (“Get 20% off anything” – anything = good). Unfortunately this makes me go to Borders a lot, and I buy books like some people buy … magazines, I guess, so this is only good for Borders and bad for me. And the other smaller independent bookshops I would otherwise buy things at. Wow, they give me discounts and I turn it into an anti-global-corporation rant. Go me.

Someone must stop me from buying a Roomba from eBay. (see above: broked PVR + broked dog = already much spending.) BUT I REALLY WANT ONE. No, cannot have. Maybe if this super-awesome work thing comes off. NOW NOW NOW NOW. Maybe. WANT WANT IT NOW. God, it’s exhausting enough controlling an inner child, let alone an outer one. WANT TO SCARE THE DOGS WITH THE ROOMBA. Now that I can agree with.

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