FRIDAY: Bought three pairs of shoes
Yes, I bought them all at the same time in the same shop. Don’t judge me. One pair was for work, and that’s what I went in there for. The other two pairs were ballet flats, down to $35 each. I was trying on the green pair, trying to decide whether I needed TWO pairs of flats, when a girl sat down next to me. She was holding a cowboy boot, waiting for the salesgirl to return with her size. “Those are cute!” she chirped to me, nodding at the ballet flats. “Are you a dancer?” Dumbfounded, I answered, “Umm, no.” It was only through sheer effort of will I managed not to add, “Are you a cowboy?”

SATURDAY: Swimming with Wolves (Or, Dogs)
When we take the Black Dog for his physio swimming, we now also bring the Brown Dog and make him swim as well, for exercise. Funnily enough, although you normally cannot keep the Brown Dog out of water, he has a strong aversion to the chlorinated pool. Mr. T has low tolerance for the dogs playing up at present (since the Black Dog is now 6 weeks into his rehab and being a Giant Pain) so the Brown Dog gets grabbed and thrown bodily into the water. I then hold his leash and join the ranks of those walking around and around and around the outside of the pool, while our dogs swim laps in the water. Some dogs can’t wait to get into the water – usually Labs and Border Collies, nearly pulling their owners off their feet with their eagerness – and others hate the whole process, such as a little daschund thing who eyes the pool with fear and loathing. The Brown Dog, once he has unceremoniously entered the water, swims in a slow and stately manner, much like the Titanic, with his bottom half well below the waterline. If he was lazier, he could let his back legs sink down another foot or so and he’d realise he could touch the bottom. But instead he swims, easily yet ponderously, and is constantly lapped by smaller dogs with faster swimming styles. On the other hand, the Black Dog floats miserably down the pool and only comes alive when he sees the steps at the end, when he starts to paddle frenetically to escape the water and end his torment. I would feel bad but really it’s the only time he really struggles to use his front legs and that’s the object of the exercise.

SUNDAY: Quiltilicious
I was going to go to the Melbourne Craft Fair but then realised I didn’t really enjoy the last one I went to – all beading and scrapbooking, two crafts I have no affinity for. And anyway, if I did find anything I liked, I’d just spend more money on fabric. So instead I sewed together the remaining blocks of my quilt top. I’m using 100% cotton thread and that stuff is a bitch to sew with – it’s like wire. And the pattern is … OK there is no pattern. I just started sewing. Stay tuned for Craft Disaster 2006, I sense it is just around the corner.

6 comments to weekender

  • Oh, your Friday entry made me laugh out loud!

    And your comment about cotton thread has me curious: I read somewhere that it is better b/c over time it reacts better with cotton fabric, which sounded reasonable. But the colors available are SO limited, and I wondered if there was a reason.

    Looking forward to seeing the results of CD ’06!

  • What kind of dog is black dog? He looks (um, from the back and all wet) like my parents’ Hamish who is a Cairn Terrier. Hamish is also terrified of water for some unknown and possibly traumatic life event that happened before my parents adopted him. He actually starts to shake if he goes near any sort of river or lake. Luckily, sitting in the sink for a bath isn’t a problem for him!

  • Don’t be ashamed of buying three pairs of shoes at once.

    Do as I do.

    Embrace your inner Imelda.

  • I just bought FOUR pairs of shoes in the same shop. Three of them were the same – in red, green and brown. I feel dirty.

  • jac

    WHY am I not getting emails telling me I have comments? GAH.
    – The Black Dog is a Bernese mountain dog. Although he doesn’t like heights.
    – I am shamefaced to admit that this is not the first time I have bought multiple pairs of shoes in one go.
    – Oh, and the green ballet flats pinch like a motherfucker.

  • Love the headings for each day of your weekend, though Swimming with Wolves (Or, Dogs) takes the cake.
    cheers, gracia

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