the friendly skies

I was at work yesterday when an email came through from my mum with my sister’s itinerary. Did I tell you my sister is going to Europe for six weeks? No, I haven’t. Because I am so CONSUMED BY JEALOUSY I can hardly see. Anyway. The last time my sister went overseas she was in Africa working with monkeys (apes? orangutangs?) and they lost her luggage. She was there for three weeks and was without clothes, toiletries, everything – wearing another girl’s clothes, living without a hairbrush – until they got her luggage back. On the second to last day. Then her flight back was delayed. Or something. Anyway, what could go wrong did go wrong on that trip. So I emailed my mum back and was joking about the airline losing her luggage again or something.

She’s in the air right now flying into Heathrow. Where they have just arrested twenty terrorist suspects, diverted all inbound planes and stopped anyone carrying through hand luggage. Honestly. I can’t make this stuff up. So I’ve had to go through all the itinerary times with my mum on the phone and work out what time she will arrive in London, and what that is local New Zealand time, and add a couple of hours onto that because there’s NO WAY she will be able to contact my parents for a while. This was BOUND to happen to her. They’ll probably lose her luggage as well, just to top it off.

**EDITED TO ADD** Well, she’s fine, of course. A long wait to get out of Heathrow and now they are staying with friends in a village just out of London. She didn’t say anything about her luggage so I presume she has some…

4 comments to the friendly skies

  • How scary!! I hope everything works out alright. Luggage in hand, of course.

  • Oh crap, that’s horrid! Your poor sister, and you must be very worried. Hope the rest of her journey turns out to be better than the beginning.

  • I have a friend who sounds similar to your sister: whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Of course, this friend is also the most adventerous woman I know and nothing phases her anymore so I guess we are only dealt as much as we can handle.

    I’m glad to hear your sister is safe with her luggage and her friends.

  • monkeys (apes? orangutangs?) lost your sister’s luggage? man, that IS bad luck.

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