You may remember from a recent post when I said the more things are happening, the less is written. Hence my large writing gap. I have moved house, to a little place in St Kilda and I can’t figure out how to work the heating and I’m fucking freezing. The whole place is brand new and I keep thumping the radiator thing and optimistically feeling round the sides for some sort of switch thing and it doesn’t exist; it doesn’t exist I tell you. Anyway, the reason I have moved is that Mr. T and I have split up. Like the way I just threw that in there? I was considering making this a trainwreck journal considering I feel quite trainwrecky, but it’s just not my thing. So all you people can back away from the bookmark button; nothing to see here. Anyway, I doubt I will write about this much. My plan so far is to wake up and go to work and go to sleep and wake up again. I’ll see how I go with that. This is no surprise to me by the way; it has been coming for an extremely long time, but due to our exceptional Secret Agent skills it is only the rare few friends and family who would have had much idea. So don’t feel bad, it wasn’t just you in the dark.

There was an apple in the lift at work today, wedged between the handrail and the lift wall. I watched it as we went down to the ground floor, the apple and I, and I thought about Isaac Newton. But I don’t think his apple would have gone up and down and up again. Although you never know, what with the space time continuum and Harry Potter and all. Then I thought that maybe I would be the only person who saw that apple who would think of Isaac Newton, and that made me sad. And then thinking of Isaac Newton made me think of the Da Vinci Code, and that made me angry. The point of this story is: don’t expect a whole lot of sense out of me. I am strangely comforted to think this has never been the case.

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  • You always make a great deal of sense.

  • Aww… I am sorry to hear that you broke up with Mr. T.
    It sounded like a perfect relationship.
    Well thats that; as the great Diva ‘Gloria Gaynor’ once sang ‘I will Survive’

    I would think of the Sr. Isaac Newton and probably calculate the speed at which it is falling, with me being an Astrophysics major and all^_^

    Take care

  • I probably would have thought about eating the apple.
    I think you have a perfectly reasonable excuse for not posting. That real life thing – she gets in the way sometimes.

  • You know that cycle of work and sleep you’ve got going on? I’ve always found it helpful to add junk food and/or alcohol to that routine. Mixes things up, ya know? If I weren’t on the other side of the planet, I’d happily provide both for ya.

    Also, I always knew you were a secret agent! Or a ninja…that’s like a cool, super duper secret agent. With a sword.

  • Cas

    As a long-time-creepylurker-and-fellow two-dog-loving-Melburnian-from-New-Zealand, I just wanted to say, Boys! Sigh. Hope you’re OK. At the very least, summer is around the corner, and there are a plethora of good bottle shops in the St Kilda area…

  • Posts which don’t make sense invariably do to a much larger degree than we think, and it is alwasy comforting to see how another mind works and know your own jumping head is not unique :)
    Eat, sleep, drink. Sounds like a plan.

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