roomba = balrog

Stay away from the bathroom, Roomba! Just because I have run out of virtual walls and have to manually block the entrance to the bathroom, doesn’t mean you are allowed in. Back! Back! The power of beer and bog roll REPELS YOU!

Go back to the shadow … YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Another triumph for beer! Hooray for alcohol!

8 comments to roomba = balrog

  • You are no match for the Mighty Beer!

    I have considered getting one of those mainly for the freak-the-cat-out factor. I figured the vacuuming was a bonus. Does it work well?

  • This post totally made my morning.

  • Damn, you’re funny. I want you to feel lucky you’re safely ensconsed in the southern hemisphere, because if you were anywhere nearby I might have to stalk you.

  • your machine seems to like going down on blondes

  • jac

    Hey, I’m liking this ‘answer in the comments’ idea. Pity everyone else thought of it two years ago. What can I say, I’m slow.
    Blondes = It’s low carb beer, which I don’t think vacuuming robots find particularly attractive. But it’s not bad, especially really cold.
    Stalking = Gifts! Stalkers bring presents, right? Awesome.
    Roomba = Works like a charm. I will never, never give him up. This house has two dogs and a cat and picks up all hair, dust, leaves, etc like a champion. Cat eyes it warily; dogs run away. Well, apart from the paralysed one.

  • Oooog!! I want a Roomba, too!!

    I’ll settle for a beer though. I’m a cheap date, apparently.

  • Good thing it went for the beer, I don’t know if the toilet paper would have been able to withstand the attack.

    Want Roomba. Roomba awesome.

  • My gawd! That’s hilarious! Thanks for bringing a smile here! wOOt!

    Beer wins every time [thumbs up]

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