Thanks guys. Appreciated. And hopefully, in the words of Forrest Gump (a movie I say I don’t like but end up watching every time it comes on): That’s all I have to say about that.

I have the cat with me in the new place and, I have to say, (not in the words of Forrest Gump (I don’t think)) he is freaking right the fuck OUT. I had forgotten he gets like this. When I moved into the last place, I locked him in the bedroom and he got himself stuck up the tiny ornamental chimney. I remembered that, but I had forgotten that he also hid under the bed for literally days. And that’s what he’s doing here – it took him fully 24 hours to leave the bedroom and slink round the perimeter of the rest of the house, meowing soulfully all the while. I feel bad. If he doesn’t come right I will take him back to the dogs, which would break my heart, but hopefully he will bounce back to his usual self. At least he remembers how to use a litter box.

This place has included internet (I KNOW, they are FOOLS) but unfortunately it is cable. If you were going to internetify an entire complex, why not make it wireless? Or at least put more than one cable socket in the place? Are you listening, God? It’s me, Margaret. Anyway, with internet on tap, I’m hoping I can do away with the need for a phone line. So I downloaded a 2 week VOIP trial (at for any Australians interested). And then I bought a little headset with a microphone, and rang my mum in New Zealand. (Yes, free.) I had to keep explaining to her what I was doing, and she kept marvelling, “But you sound so CLEAR!” like we had somehow regressed to the 50s and were using rotary phones. Anyway, it’s working well. Recommended so far. Especially if you get the sort of headset I did, which has earphones and the little microphone arm which sticks out, and makes you feel like a receptionist. Excuse me, I think I have some filing to do.

3 comments to shapoopie

  • Best of luck! Hopefully kitty will settle in soon ^_^

  • Kewl – just like _Madonna_ I think you mean.

    One word: Skype. Like the internet, but with real people and real voices. Not imaginary people speaking the things you’re reading in your head…

    Is it just me who imagines the voices of people I read? I tend to imagine most of the women I like reading sounding a bit like Janine Garufalo.

  • …and…
    Surely you can squeeze one of those giant furry beasties into that chic St Kilda space? Surely – then the kitty will be happier, and you will have something to trip over.

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