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As usual, there’s a lot going on and not a lot of writing happening. The more happens, the less gets written about. If that’s not a law of nature, it should be.

Black Dog Update:
We hate him. So, so much. He is showing improvement, but just enough to prevent us from killing him and not enough to allow him to walk. He is whimpering constantly to himself in the night, waking everyone up and generally being irritating. If he wasn’t so cute it would be Rug Time (like Hammer Time, but with less parachute pants).

Brown Dog Update:
Has learned to jump blithely over the Black Dog when he is lying in his way. Last night he came into the lounge, climbed up onto the unoccupied sofa, sat himself down and looked around. We were actually too gobsmacked to do anything. (The dogs are not, nor have they ever been, allowed on the couches.)

Cat Update:

Sleeps a lot.

Craft Update:
Nothing. I make nothing. I sew nothing. I actually have some cool stuff I am halfway through (halfway is a gross overstatement. I am 10% of the way through). 50c pure cotton teatowels from Ikea + 7 Days of the Week transfers from PatternBee = 0.5 of a teatowel completed. Yet it looks good and I quite enjoy doing it. However I don’t. Because I have a new toy. See below.

Laptop Update:

Ah, that new laptop smell. Fast. New. Powerful enough to play YouTube videos without stuttering. Not temperamental. I love it. Poking around, I came across an “HP Games” folder, with about 20 games in it. Except! They’re not really games, but demos of games which expire after 60 minutes. I ask you. (Rhetorically.) So I am working my way through my hourly games and then deleting them. Take that, pathetic HP Games. Oh, and in the manner of technology everywhere, the laptop is now cheaper. Yes, my 2 week old laptop is now on sale at Officeworks for $100 less, but without the bonus of Microsoft Office which was bundled with it. Know what the bonus is now? An iPod Nano. Guess which bonus I would have preferred. Le sigh. Oh, and it has Norton Antivirus installed which SHITS ME SO MUCH. Viruses would be less irritating than the windows which pop up every few minutes asking for a full system scan. If it were DOING ITS JOB, it wouldn’t NEED a full system scan. Gah.

Spring Update:

On its way. Thank God.

5 comments to update update

  • Ohh love the cat update!
    And out dog is not allowed on the couch as well… though when I am at university he tends to sleep on my bed, and when I come back he looks at me as if saying take the floor I claim the bed!

    Wo0t for new laptop… I need a new one mine is like 3 years old (nearly 4 in Febuary 2007)

  • Love the cat update #2!

    The teatowels look sensational too. And the magnolia.

  • two things:

    1. I can SO get on board with your cat’s attitude.

    2. Whats a good antivirus? Seriously. I’m an idiot when it comes to this stuff, and I need to set up my mom’s computer, which came bundled with annoying (even to me) Norton. My computer came bundled with McAfee, and I didn’t care enough to look for anything else :)

  • jac

    Believe it or not, (I’m walking on air) … sorry. Believe it or not, the cat tucked himself into the bed like that. And then had the GALL to look pissed off when I took his photo. Clearly I don’t understand him.

    Also, I have no idea about antivirusususes. We have Norton on the main computer and I believe, through the power of the internet, that this will protect my laptop as well. Please don’t disillusion me.

  • Completely jealous of your YouTube viewing capability.

    I!! Hate!! Dialup!!

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