secret squirrel

I got a voicemail from my mum the other day and instead of listening to it I just rang her back. (The joy of Skype.) Turns out I should have just listened to the message, as it was easily as long as the phone call. Anyway, family friends have just bought a house, about 5 houses up from my parents. (Small world.) And this house was originally owned by other family friends whose kids were the same age, and we all used to run between both houses tirelessly all day. The older kids, me and Z; the smaller kids, our younger sisters M and E. However this was a good 25 years ago, and there’s been at least 4 owners of the house since then. But the new owners were cleaning the upstairs bedroom, where there is a little cupboard set into the eaves of the house, and for some reason they were half inside it cleaning and… there was writing on the wall. “This is Jacqueline and Z’s secret hiding place. M and E keep out.”

Written, at the very least, 25 years ago, and still there. I have no memory of it; I sincerely doubt that Z does. But I know I wrote it. For a start, my name is first in the first clause, and my sister’s name is first in the second. (Hi, confusing much?) And the second thing is that we used to do this sort of stuff ALL THE TIME. We were always forming secret clubs with rules and clubhouses and meetings and stuff. And when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘I’ because it was totally my obsession. And thirdly? Identifying our secret hiding place by WRITING IT ON THE WALL. Rookie mistake. I hardly ever do that with my evil lairs these days.

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  • speaking of things you never remember. Apparently when i was very young i was locked in a cupboard with my next door neighbour (he is 3 days older than me) apparently we kissed. I dont believe it, because he has always wierded me out. Kids can be cruel. Incidently i was in a secret glitter pen club.

  • In fairness writing it down is still a good idea. My best friend and I hid things in the creepy neighbors yard as we knew NO other kid would go there. But then neighbor got creepier and we were petrified to go back and get the stuff.

  • My cousins and I recently found a notebook in which we had planned a detailed and complex heist. the target item? Our Uncle’s thongs, the only footwear we ever saw him in (and yes, I mean flip flops, people)

    My role? I was the distraction.

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