Do you know what’s cool? Surfing eBay while watching TV in the corner of the laptop. SO COOL. So I got one of those TV tuner things because I’m not going to bother to buy an actual TV, what with my total sum TV watching being “Grey’s Anatomy” and … no, that’s it. So, I mean, I like “Grey’s Anatomy” and all, but not enough to drop a grand or so on a TV. (Yes, I know I could buy a TV cheaper, but work with me here.)

So now I’m looking at eBay crap and watching “Countdown to the Most Inspiring Movie of All Time” on 7, which is … OK, not overly inspiring. Hey I can take screenshots! Wait and I’ll take one … what movie do you want me to screenshot? Or maybe an ad … Oh, “National Velvet”. I’ve wanted to see that movie forever and I’ve never found it anywhere. This one’s “The Shawshank Redemption” … yep, knew it. Intersperse with boring stars telling crap stories … MY GOD I’M LIVEBLOGGING. I’m so embarrassed. This is a misuse of technology! I could get the tuner card taken off me, I’m sure of it.

Ann Frank never had a TV tuner card.

I can’t be sure of the horse, though.

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