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My work is open-plan and headphones are encouraged. I don’t know whether Justin Timberlake is encouraged, but I can’t see why not and he’s certainly helping the day pass more quickly. But I was listening to the “Chess” soundtrack this afternoon, and I realised that during the first song I always consciously listen for the small squeal from my original taped soundtrack, where the record button was accidentally depressed again. If I’d known I would still be listening for it fifteen years after I recorded it, I might have taken a bit more care.

Other notable tapings:

  • My mum’s version of “Phantom of the Opera”, which was an audio soundtrack taped on a video tape (as the video could handle 5.1 surround sound but the stereo couldn’t)
  • My brilliant idea not to have any blank tape at the end of my mix tapes, resulting in the last song being repeated and being cut off halfway through the second time (God I was an obnoxious little ingrate)
  • My fascination with making covers for my mix tapes (and yet I still can’t stand scrapbooking)
  • The fact that under the new copyright law being offered, creating another version of a CD/DVD you legitimately own to watch on other hardware could land you in jail.

I don’t know sometimes. I feel like grabbing a politician, any politician, by his lapels and shaking him violently, while hissing into his astonished face, “For God’s sake man, KEEP UP!”

I was not jailed for any of this.
Yes, that IS a hand listlessly cluching a flower in the long grass at the top left.
I told you. Ingrate.

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  • Chess soundtrack? That’s one of my favorites. Hooray!

  • Did you know when electricity was invented, the gas companies tried to shut it down. And when TV was new in Australia, someone had the brilliant idea of braodcasting music behind the test patterns they were screening. But the am radio stations went nuts, so they had to the-show a picture of a gramaphone, with a hand reaching in every now and then to change the record, in order not to violate the rules.

    Even the fear of things new is not new.

  • Back in the old days, I would periodically decide that all my tapes needed a makeover. Not only did the old ones get new covers (always poignant, always slightly melancholic, oh je suis un artiste) but I’d shuffle good songs out of bad mixes and onto new tapes, with their sound quality deteriorating dramatically with every re-recording. I hated the blank bit at the end, too. I saw it as a challenge to find the PERFECT song that was the PERFECT length for the final 1 minute 39 seconds left. The nostalgia is killing me.

  • Oh Bernice was(is) such a tight arse, she compiled mixed tapes by spending hours & hours crouched over the cassette radio frantically hitting the record button when “something good came on” As it took at least two or three bars into the song before I recognised it, it gave the entire thing a quite odd air of indecision.

    Then there were the bootlegs compiled on portable cassette recorders the size of small cars, which were lugged into venues under coats, in backpacks or any other space large enough. These produced recordings that consisted largely of urgent whispering as to whether anyone had noticed the small car you had smuggled in, was it on, the sound of trickling beer, zips being opened & closed at least 15 times, and muffled sounds of music far far away…

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