it’s all about ME!

I went Christmas shopping today and bought myself a some sunglasses and a pair of Campers. I don’t think I’ve got the hang of this whole ‘giving’ thing. Further evidence as shown…

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Stolen from Elie! Ah, the true meaning of Christmas…

5 comments to it’s all about ME!

  • sarah

    our cat went missing. has not been seen for 5 days

  • You’re not still sewing on the floor, are you? It makes my back hurt just to imagine it. And the electric socks are because my feet are always cold and electric socks would be awesome.

    As I type this I realize it’s summer there now, so maybe the idea of warm feet isn’t as appealing to you as it is to me. Ah well.

  • Zoe

    I believe the done thing is to post a picture of the Campers.

  • Yes Jacqueline did steal it from my lj^_~

  • jac

    Electric socks sound marvellous! Except there’s often puddles of water on my floor. I sense adventure in my future!

    Not sewing on the floor anymore. Machine is currently gathering dust on the dining table. I call this progress.

    And yes, the green colour is horrendous. I thought I would be able to change that, but the style sheet is at the host website and I can’t get to it. Blindness for everyone this Christmas!

    More Alice in Wonderland stuff! But not the Disney. We like the classics. Thanks Timmy!

    Campers pic coming. Pinky swear.

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