where’s the camera when i need one

… for example, when I’m in the car and am passed by a fully laden ute in the next lane, complete with mattress tilted at a precarious angle over everything else in the tray. Ah, moving house. Sunny Saturdays are for moving. Good thing it’s not rain…. hey. Let me just get a bit closer there… no! Surely not? That’s not… yes it IS!

The load was held down, not with rope or occi straps as I had assumed but … packing tape. Brown packing tape, wound around the mattress and stuck to the sides of the ute, then ripped off. Tape. TAPE.

Needless to say, I changed lanes and got away from that trainwreck as fast as I could. Packing. Tape. I know Australians are proud of their ingenuity, but there’s a fine line heading over into stupidity, and that line is clearly marked. By a strip of packing tape.

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"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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