i got the power

OK, you know how I said I was hot yesterday? I was wrong. THIS is hot. This is so hot that it’s over 40 degrees and half of Melbourne’s CBD lost power at 4pm. That would include my office building, which was suddenly lit only with the dim glow of laptops and emergency lighting. The official recommendation from building services was, “Stay here if you like, or go home, but our aircon isn’t working anymore, and public transport is also in chaos, so you might as well go to the pub.” This announcement was greeted with great enthusiasm, as you might expect.

I went home, having plans to meet a friend of mine, and encountered the first of apparently 1000 traffic lights which were out all over the city. Unfortunately I encountered this while trying to turn right onto St Kilda Road, which has eight lanes and two tram lines, and more than its fair share of insane and lunatic people even on a normal day. Anyway, I eventually turned right without dying, and the traffic lights started working halfway down St Kilda Road, so I was relatively confident that my house would have power. But not confident enough to park in the underground carpark with the automatic garage doors. SEE? SMART. I did have power though, so I WIN.

Then I went to meet my friend (who did not have power, but it turned on as I got there, I CONTROL ALL THINGS) and we walked down to Elwood Beach and straight into the water and we floated in the sea for a long, long time. The water was crystal clear because there hasn’t been any rain, and the sky was diffused pink and orange from the sunset coming through all the smoke in the air. Melbourne is an extremely strange place to be right now.

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